BH Consulting marks EU Cyber Security Month with daily tips on staying secure

October is EU Cyber Security Month and to mark the occasion, BH Consulting will be sharing advice about digital security and privacy. Every working day during October, we’ll post useful information on our Twitter feed and on our LinkedIn page.

These short tips will draw attention to common security risks and threats that many of us face. We’ll be using various hashtags as appropriate, including #CyberSecMonth, #Cybersecuritymonth2018 #cyberaware, #cyberhygiene and #saferinternet4EU. (We also recommend you visit the official website for the EU-wide awareness campaign, at

Staying secure at work and in the home

The themes we plan to cover include staying secure in the workplace by preventing CEO fraud, ransomware, phishing and spam. As the month goes on, we’ll also give advice you can pass on to family members about protecting personal information and using digital technology securely.

Many of our posts will link to blogs we have written or to other open source security awareness material. At the end of each week, we’ll round up those tips into a post which we’ll publish here on our blog. This will be a ‘living’ post about EU Cyber Security Month that we’ll keep adding to as each week passes during October.

Please like and share widely to help us spread the word and improve security awareness for everyone. And a quick reminder: we also publish a monthly newsletter for information security professionals and people working in related roles. You can sign up for the newsletter

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