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Security AwarenessNewspaper headlines regularly highlight security breaches at various organisations. Very often when those breaches are examined we discover one of the root causes in the security breach was down to the human factor. This may have been someone clicking on a link in an email they received, losing sensitive data on an unencrypted device or sharing their password with someone who then abused that password.  Despite investing lots of money into technical security controls we still see security failure after failure resulting from poor security awareness on behalf of the users.


This weakness in our security infrastructure can be highlighted as follows;

  • 48% of Breaches Were Caused by Insiders - Verizon
  • 90% of Malware Requires Human Interaction - Symantec
  • 100% of Successful Attacks Compromised The Human - Mandiant
  • 64% of Orgs See Security Awareness As a Challenge - Ernst & Young


At BH Consulting we believe that your staff can be your biggest security asset and we offer a range of services to help our clients tackle this challenge.


Bespoke Training

We can provide onsite security awareness training courses tailored to your needs. Our experts will work with you to identify your primary needs and develop a security awareness program specific to you and your organisation.  This program can be then delivered via a series of onsite workshops, train the trainer sessions or via an online portal.


Securing the Human

Securing The HumanBH Consulting is the Irish partner for The SANS Institute's Securing the Human security awareness program. BH Consulting brings Securing The Human's full Computer Based-Training (CBT) program hosted on the SANS Virtual Learning Environment at a special discount. To learn more about this program and qualifying organisations, please visit: Securing The Human has successfully trained hundreds of businesses and millions of people around the world - building a reputation as a world leader in developing the most advanced and effective security awareness and education solutions.


Security awareness is important for every organisation - not just those with big budgets. This special program provides the opportunity to use the best SANS training at very competitive pricing," said John Fitzgerald, Managing Director for SANS Securing The Human. “Your organisation is a target and your employees are one of the primary attack vectors for cyber attackers. Unfortunately many organisations, especially smaller ones, lack the expertise and resources to effectively train their people against these growing cyber threats. At SANS Securing The Human we know and understand this problem - and we have a solution that can help you change behaviour in your organisation and become safer.”

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