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Electronic evidence is very useful in a many different circumstances, from investigating internal HR disputes to tracing suspected data breaches. Gathering this information with traditional digital forensics techniques can be a challenge where public cloud services are concerned, due to the nature of how cloud services store and process data. BH Consulting’s Cloud Forensics as a Service (CFaaS) offering comprises expert consulting and technical services aimed at organisations using public cloud services such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Consulting services

We provide expert assistance with consulting services for both proactive and reactive forensics in the cloud. We can help you answer questions such as:

  • What policies and procedures do l need to be ready for a cloud forensics investigation?
  • What are the most suitable tools do I need to collect and acquire appropriate data that can be used as evidence?
  • How do I acquire data from a cloud environment in a forensically sound manner?
  • How do I acquire data from multiple cloud services?
  • How do I ensure that all my investigations are conducted in line with the appropriate regulatory, jurisdictional, and legal requirements?  
  • How do I ensure effective communication with the cloud service provider and other parties involved during the investigation?


Technical services

For organisations needing to provide assurances that they can stand over their cloud forensics and investigations, our technical service covers:

  • Acquiring or collecting evidence from the cloud environment in a forensically sound manner
  • Analysing evidence using the most appropriate digital forensic tools
  • Reporting and presenting evidence
  • Engaging and liaising with the cloud service provider throughout an incident, ensuring effective communication between all parties

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