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No matter how big or small your organisation, Information Technology is critical to the success of your business. This is highlighted even more so today as your business enables more and more conduits to your information systems such as the Internet, remote access for staff and extranets for customers and partners.


It is essential you protect your business by implementing sound and manageable security solutions. Using industry standard risk management modelling techniques, we at BH Consulting will identify the threats and risks your business is exposed to and recommend best practices to manage those risks. All of this is done with a clear understanding of your business needs and ensuring your business performs with the confidence and the knowledge it can do so securely.


Security Assessment

Ensuring the security of your information systems is a constant and challenging process faced with new technologies, new threats and regulatory requirements. Engaging an independent third party provides you with invaluable information on how to stay abreast of current relevant security developments, industry best practices and identify areas of improvement within your information security infrastructure.

An independent security assessment also sends a clear message to customers, senior managers and key stake-holders that information security is a high priority issue within your organisation and one that is being managed accordingly. Read more »


ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard that demonstrates your company takes Information Security seriously. BH Consulting will assist you achieve ISO 27001 certification or audit your systems to these standards. All our consultants are certified Lead Auditors which gives you the confidence in dealing with recognised experts in this field. More details on our ISO 27001 services can be found here.


Vulnerability Management

New vulnerabilities regularly occur within your environment.  This can happen by adding new services or software, changing our upgrading systems or simply by weaknesses being discovered in the systems you are using.  Knowing what vulnerabilities exist and how to manage them is critical in maintaining your security.  We can assist you in identifying and prioritising vulnerabilities in your systems. Click here for more information.


Security Infrastructure Design and Selection

Whether your require Internet connectivity, remote access or a secure network, we will design and select the most appropriate security infrastructure. We will also provide consultancy on the most appropriate platform or solution for your needs based on a clear understanding of your business requirements.


Policies and Procedures

BH Consulting will develop clear and understandable policies and procedures suitable for your business. Alternatively we can review your existing policies and procedures to ensure they are effective.



Compliance requirements for IT systems are becoming increasingly complex. We at BH Consulting can assist you in identifying your business needs and ensuring your IT systems are compliant with current legal and regulatory requirements.


If you wish to avail of this service please contact us or view our sample projects.

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