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Providing superior levels of service to clients, whether they be internal or external, is a challenge that many companies strive for, though few attain. Those that do provide superior service reap the positive financial benefits of happier clients, better staff morale and improved customer and staff retention.


We work to recognised industry standards, such as ITIL and ISO 20000, which is backed up by our industry experience, expertise and a thorough knowledge of the various technical solutions available. People are the key success factor in a Service Oriented company and we work closely with your team ensuring the appropriate skills and knowledge are available to them.


Service Desk Design and Implementation

Whether you require an internal or external facing service desk, we will help you select the most appropriate support strategy and model aligned to your business needs and manage the implementation of same. Our extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to select the best solution to your needs


Service Desk Audits—ITIL and ISO 20000

Regular audits will ensure that your service desk is providing the quality of service you require. All our work is carried out to the internationally recognised ITIL framework and the ISO 20000 standard. We will also assist your support organisation achieve certification to the above standards.


Service Level Agreements and Management

Designing, implementing and management Service Level Agreements is a complex process. Our experience at both the provider and customer side to SLAs ensures we can successfully assist you to develop and manage SLAs suitable to your specific business needs.


Key Performance Metrics

You cannot manage what you cannot measure! BH Consulting will identify, select and measure the key metrics most suitable to your business to enable you better manage your service delivery.


If you wish to avail of this service please contact us or view our sample projects.

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