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The information stored on your network is critical to your business. However, inherent vulnerabilities in your computer systems can allow unauthorised users to exploit the same systems you are using to protect your data.


Vulnerabilities can occur due to upgrades, changes to the system or simply by new system bugs being discovered. Once these vulnerabilities exist on your network, they can be exploited to compromise the data held on it.


To this end BH Consulting has partnered with Qualys to provide our clients with a Vulnerability Management Service. Qualys offers network security audits and vulnerability management to companies of all sizes. QualysGuard®, Qualys' flagship solution, is an on demand solution that enables organizations to:


  • Discover and prioritize all network assets.
  • Proactively identify and fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent worms, viruses & Trojan horses.
  • Manage & reduce business risk.
  • Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and corporate security policies.


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