BH Consulting

Founded in 2004, BH Consulting is an award-winning independent advisory firm specialising in information security consulting, cybersecurity, risk assessment, cloud forensics, and training.

BH Consulting is recognised internationally as a leader in cybersecurity by Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory, and has won awards from the security industry publication SC Magazine.


Who we are

Our team has decades of experience in many aspects of security, risk management, compliance, data protection and training – a breadth of business knowledge and security expertise at the service of our customers. Other services BH Consulting has provided to clients include security advisory around mergers and acquisitions; selection of trustworthy providers, threat intelligence and needs assessment.

BH Consulting carries out all work in line with recognised industry best practice. As a company, BH Consulting is accredited to the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Our clients

Organisations ranging in size from multinational corporations, public sector agencies, to small and medium enterprises trust BH Consulting to protect their most valued digital assets and meet their information security needs.

BH Consulting has delivered projects in Ireland, the UK, continental Europe, the United States, and globally, spanning industry sectors from finance, government, pharmaceutical, media and security, to telecoms, manufacturing, technology, health, NGOs, and law enforcement.

We have also advised and liaised with various international agencies including the European Network and Information Security Agency [ENISA], Europol European Cybercrime Centre [EC3], and the Cloud Security Alliance [CSA].

Our values

BH Consulting’s reputation is built on consistent delivery against our clients’ business requirements, our vendor independence, our business knowledge, and industry expertise.

We are proud to be a diverse, equal-opportunity employer. To build on our culture, we actively encourage all team members to undertake formal and informal training – both on honing skills in our lab that they can put into practice for our clients, and also on personal development.

BH Consulting is deeply committed to being a socially responsible business. At least 10% of our work during every fiscal year is pro bono for registered charities and educational establishments. We also run staff and customer events throughout the year to raise funds for nominated charities.

Working together
to make you stronger

We don’t try to blind you with science or deafen you with jargon. BH Consulting’s team combines a strong technical background with business and management acumen, which ensures we can marry the technical side of information security with an understanding of an organisation’s business goals and risk appetite.

We have worked across startups and small businesses, through to international corporations. Our customers benefit from this extensive experience, ensuring an approach to security that’s based on best practice.

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The people aspect of security is often overlooked but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of improving an organisation’s ability to counter threats.

Whether you need a general security awareness programme for all staff, or specific courses to meet a particular business or security objective like compliance targets, talk to BH Consulting about delivering tailored training that reduces your risk.