April 2, 2019
Authentication with biometrics in place of passwords

Password-less future moves closer as Google takes FIDO2 for a walk

For years, many organisations – and their users – have struggled with the challenge of password management. The technology industry has toiled on this problem by […]
November 15, 2018

The value in vulnerability assessments: closing gaps to improve security

Vulnerability assessments usually involve using automated tools such as Nessus or Qualys to carry out a passive scan of an organisation’s systems. The process produces a […]
May 4, 2015

Tech Giveth And Tech Taketh Away

At the beginning of this month Google released a new Chrome extension – Password Alert – that, despite the name, was actually designed to protect its […]
May 27, 2009

L0PhtCrack Is Back !!

One of my favourite security tools, L0phtCrack, is back and available for download.  L0phtCrack is an excellent password auditing tool which allows you to determine whether or […]
March 28, 2008

Protecting Your Online Reputation

An interesting series of posts on how to deal with negative publicity from the online community has just started today on Damien’s Blog.  Today’s post offers […]
February 21, 2008

Researchers Break Disk Encryption

The Wired Blog highlights research conducted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Princeton University have discovered a way to circumvent full disk encryption on computers, even […]