Cloud Forensics as a Service launched by BH Consulting

BH Consulting has launched Cloud Forensics as a Service under their Digital Forensics offering. The Cloud Forensics service aims to provide consultancy and technical expertise to organisations that experience security incidents within or as part of their cloud environments. These incidents may include data leakage, security breach, company policy breach (including bullying, harassment, downloading unsuitable material or inappropriate access), intellectual property theft, etc.

Our team specialising in digital forensics, with the Cloud Forensics service led by Neha Thethi, provides consulting services for acquiring data from popular public cloud services in the event of an incident. This data is acquired in a forensically sound manner so that it can be used as evidence in an investigation. In addition to reactive forensics services, we also help our clients with proactive protection by providing guidance on enabling or implementing forensics readiness within cloud environments.


Cloud adoption trends

Cloud technology is becoming widely adopted. According to research from IDC, cloud IT revenue grew by 8.1% year on year to $8.4 billion in the third quarter of 2016. The firm forecasts that total spending on IT infrastructure products for cloud environments during 2017 will increase by 18.2% to reach $44.2 billion.


IT incidents

More than three-quarters of Irish companies experienced a significant computer-related incident in the last two years, according to Ernst & Young’s global information security survey.


How BH Consulting can help

Organisations may face several challenges during incident handling in the cloud environment. One significant issue involves communication between the client and the cloud service provider in relation with gathering required information. The client may not always clearly understand what information is being requested, and our Cloud Forensics service can help our clients bridge that gap.


Assuring security in the cloud

On a related note, BH Consulting has been named as a corporate member of the Cloud Security Alliance and is one of the first companies to be recognised as part of the Cloud Security Alliance Global Consulting Program (CSA GCP). The CSA is a US-based non-profit expert group that promotes best practices for security assurance in cloud computing, and educates organisations about using cloud technology to help secure other forms of computing.

Welcoming BH Consulting to the Cloud Security Alliance, co-founder and CEO Jim Reavis said: “CSA’s corporate members represent elite companies that understand the key trends of cloud computing and the necessity to secure it. Cloud is becoming the default technology among organisations of all sizes, and it brings many business benefits but also risks that need to be mitigated. BH Consulting has been a highly valued contributor to the CSA since its earliest days, and its continued input will be essential in informing our own efforts to enhance trust in cloud as a computing platform, and also in raising awareness of best practice that ensures its continued security.”

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