Security enabling your business goals

Cybersecurity consulting strategy and advice from BH Consulting can unlock a strategy that can be embraced across an entire organisation from the boardroom to the reception area.

Increasingly, information security is not just an internal concern: external stakeholders ask for assurance that organisations conduct business securely, and treat sensitive data appropriately. When implemented correctly, security can enable a business and strengthen its brand: organisations gain trust and credibility by protecting infrastructure and information to the highest standards.

BH Consulting offers a range of information security consulting services, such as helping to design a high-level security strategy or responding to specific cybersecurity incidents. We provide consulting to customers on:

  • Cybersecurity policies
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Cloud security
  • Information governance and compliance
  • Cyber incident response and forensics
  • Data protection and EU GDPR
  • PCI DSS consulting
  • Business continuity
  • Security awareness
  • Risk assessment
  • Training.

Working together
to make you stronger

We don’t try to blind you with science or deafen you with jargon. BH Consulting’s team combines a strong technical background with business and management acumen, which ensures we can marry the technical side of information security with an understanding of an organisation’s business goals and risk appetite.

We have worked across startups and small businesses, through to international corporations. Our customers benefit from this extensive experience, ensuring an approach to security that’s based on best practice.

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The people aspect of security is often overlooked but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of improving an organisation’s ability to counter threats.

Whether you need a general security awareness programme for all staff, or specific courses to meet a particular business or security objective like compliance targets, talk to BH Consulting about delivering tailored training that reduces your risk.