Cloud Forensics


Plotting a path through the fog with forensics

Electronic evidence is increasingly used in situations ranging from investigating internal HR disputes, to tracing suspected data breaches, or in legal cases.

BH Consulting can provide organisations with the expertise, experience and proven methodologies to help trace a security breach, perform e-discovery services, or to conduct a digital forensics investigation.

We assist with uncovering information, whether the original data exists on a computer, laptop, or mobile device. A growing challenge in digital forensics techniques is in extracting data from public cloud services. To address this, BH Consulting’s Cloud Forensics as a Service (CFaaS) offering comprises consulting and technical services aimed at organisations using public cloud services such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.

BH Consulting’s digital forensics service covers:

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile forensics
  • Cloud forensics
  • E-Discovery
  • Forensics training

Uncover the evidence to investigate the facts

BH Consulting’s clients can be sure that their investigations are conducted in line with the appropriate regulatory, jurisdictional, and legal requirements.

BH Consulting helps organisations to implement policies and procedures to be ready for a technical forensics investigation, and can advise on the most suitable tools for collecting and acquiring appropriate data that can be used as evidence. As a corporate member of the Cloud Security Alliance, BH Consulting can also advise on acquiring data from a cloud environment, or from multiple cloud services, in a forensically sound manner.

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The people aspect of security is often overlooked but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of improving an organisation’s ability to counter threats.

Whether you need a general security awareness programme for all staff, or specific courses to meet a particular business or security objective like compliance targets, talk to BH Consulting about delivering tailored training that reduces your risk.