The Service

Digital forensics is an investigation service that helps you identify and recover material found on digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones or other digital storage media. This service typically includes; identification, recovery, investigation, validation, and presentation of facts related to digital evidence hidden or intentionally deleted from such devices. It is typically used to either build and strengthen civil or criminal cases or to help you understand the full picture behind a cyber attack or an internal incident such as a data breach.

The Benefits

  • Thoroughly investigate internal incidents or suspected incidents

  • Evaluate all the details behind a security breach

  • Identify and analyse hidden, cached or even deleted data

  • Minimise breach of critical information that could lead to financial, reputational and operational losses

  • Strengthen legal evidence

  • Analyse active, deleted and user-created files

  • Recover password-protected and encrypted documents

The Challenge

Every organisation, regardless of industry or size, has confidential information. This information is critical to your business and is typically stored on your digital devices, applications or network.

At BH Consulting, we can assist you in building a successful criminal or civil case, or to understand the details behind a recent data breach or a suspected internal incident within your organisation. In addition our consultants will provide expert advice and recommendations on remedial actions to help you minimise or mitigate the risk of similar incidents in the future. 

Our Process

We provide the following digital forensics services at BH Consulting:

  • Desktop computer & laptop

  • Mobile phone

  • Internet browsing history

  • Portable storage media

  • Damaged, corrupt or encrypted documents and files

  • Internet search terms and searches

  • Hidden/deleted documents and files

  • Graphics files

  • Email forensics (recovery & analysis)

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