Mapping Ireland’s cybersecurity expertise

This is a screenshot of a map of Ireland showing the location of some cybersecurity groups based there.

Infosecurity Ireland has launched an interactive map showcasing cybersecurity expertise in Ireland. Built with Google My Maps, it provides an excellent at-a-glance guide to the three main pillars of activity in the sector: domestic companies, European offices of multinationals, and the universities and institutes that provide security-related courses or research.

The map is colour-coded. Red icons signify an educational institution, green – naturally – refers to an indigenous Irish company and a blue icon means it is an international corporation.

Areas of expertise

ISI has broken down Irish expertise into ten categories, listed on the left-hand column beside the map. Clicking on each one reveals a subset of companies and groups specialising in that particular area, with a short pen profile of that organisation or company.

The categories are: application security, data security including cloud security, disaster recover and business continuity, education, certification, research and industry bodies; endpoint, content and email security; governance, risk and compliance; identity and access management; incident response, forensics and e-discovery, network security [including telecoms security] and security and threat management including penetration testing.

The latter category is also the most populated, at the time of writing. It has 21 different participants. The next most popular category is ‘education, certification, research and industry bodies’, which has 18 participants.

(Side note: BH Consulting features in several categories.)

Work in progress

In its current form, there are around 50 organisations in total featured on the map – around half of the total number of organisations that are involved in cybersecurity in Ireland. ISI is keen to make the map as representative as possible, and is asking that any amendments, additions or comments be emailed to [email protected].


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