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Professional resourcing to meet organisations’ security and data protection needs

Information is the key currency in today’s business environment: organisations need to balance making information available with protecting it under the relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.

Achieving this balance can be a challenge for most organisations, and the need for the role of Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) to address this challenge is increasing. However many organisations struggle to justify a full-time resource allocated to this role. In other cases, organisations have a more short-term need for a CSO/DPO resource to cover prolonged absence of a staff member or to cover the recruitment of a dedicated full-time resource.

BH Consulting’s “cybersecurity as a service” portfolio is a rapid, cost-effective way to access the expertise and knowledge of experienced professionals who can oversee the security and protection of your business.

Our service offering includes

  • CSO as a service
  • DPO as a service
  • Cloud forensics as a service
  • Cybersecurity resourcing
  • Red team assessment

Fill your security leadership gap

With an experienced security professional sourced by BH Consulting, clients can avail of leadership in all areas of cybersecurity; develop an organisation-wide cybersecurity strategy; identify and manage cyber-risks; and develop and implement appropriate and relevant security policies.

With a CSO as a service or DPO as a service, organisations can ensure they meet compliance requirements for areas such as data protection, PCI DSS, or similar regulatory requirements. With cloud forensics or resourcing, organisations can quickly staff teams for specific projects or needs.

Talk to BH Consulting to discuss tailoring a ‘CSO as a service’ that best meets your needs.


The people aspect of security is often overlooked but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of improving an organisation’s ability to counter threats.

Whether you need a general security awareness programme for all staff, or specific courses to meet a particular business or security objective like compliance targets, talk to BH Consulting about delivering tailored training that reduces your risk.