Security Watch

July 25, 2007

Time is Running Out

According to the old saying “Time and tide waits for no man” and that is particularly true if you intend to enter into the logo design […]
July 25, 2007

Final Version of "Cyber-Security Check List" by the US CCU is now available.

The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, an independent research group that supplies the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with information on the consequences of cyber-attacks and evaluates […]
July 20, 2007

ISO 27001 As a Tool for Compliance

Knowlege Ireland recently published an article I wrote discussing how the ISO 27001 standard can be used as a foundation to help companies ensure they meet […]
July 19, 2007

Global Security Week Logo Competition – Deadline Extended

Those of you who would like to enter the logo competition for Global Security Week but felt that you did not have enough time can relax […]
July 12, 2007

Privacy in the 21st Century – Global Security Week '07

The 3rd annual Global Security Week will run from September 3rd to 9th 2007 with this year’s theme being “Privacy in the 21st Century”.  The theme […]
July 11, 2007

List of Security Certifications

In a previous post I talked about the value of certifications in the information security industry.  As a result of that post a number of people […]
July 10, 2007

Global Security Week Logo Competition

In an earlier posting on Global Security Week 2007 we highlighted that the theme for this year’s event is “Privacy in the 21st Century”.  This year’s […]
July 4, 2007

Dublin the Centre for Industrial Espionage?

An interesting article appeared in last weekend’s Sunday Life newspaper. In the article an ex-CIA agent, Bob Baer upon whom the movie “Syriana” was based,  claims that “Belfast […]