Security Watch

February 2, 2007

Changes Afoot to Protect UK's Critical Network Infrastructure

Interesting to see that today, February the 1st, the UK Government announced that it has merged two agencies responsible for managing the security of the UK’s […]
January 26, 2007

BH Consulting Proudly Supporting Safer Internet Day

Dublin, Ireland  – January 2007 BH Consulting today announced that it is proud to support Safer Internet Day which this year falls on the 6th of […]
January 24, 2007

Good News & Bad News

Some interesting stories that cheered me up have appeared in various publications over the past few days. Computer security has been in the headlines a lot […]
January 19, 2007

Irish TK Maxx Customers may be Victim of Hacking Incident

I came across this breaking story (more links below) regarding a security breach at the parent company of TK Maxx, TJX, which could impact customers who have […]
January 18, 2007

Funny Because its True

Scott Adams has recently published some Dilbert cartoons relating to password security. While they are funny they also point out how dependent our network security is […]
January 16, 2007

No Mention of the Proverbial Airplane Hitting Your Datacentre

An interesting podcast sponsored by Qwest with Stephanie Balarous from Forrester Research discusses the elements of good disaster recovery and what you should consider when developing […]
January 16, 2007

Irish Blog Awards 2007

Mominations for the 2007 Irish Blog Awards for 2007 are now open and will close at 23:59 on the 26th January 2007.  The awards will be held […]
January 13, 2007

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger Raids were once the tool of high end criminal gangs looking to steal large sums of money from organisations with enough security and defences to […]