February 2, 2012

Anonymous Attacks Irish Aid Website

Last night the Anonymous collective breached the security of one of the websites run by the Department of Foreign Affairs.  In a statement to the Journal.ie […]
May 27, 2009

L0PhtCrack Is Back !!

One of my favourite security tools, L0phtCrack, is back and available for download.  L0phtCrack is an excellent password auditing tool which allows you to determine whether or […]
January 29, 2009

More Details of Heartland's Breach Emerge

More details available as to how the breach occurred at Heartland resulting in potentialy the biggest breach ever of nearly 100m credit card transactions.  Investigators discovered […]
October 13, 2008

Remember There is No Such Thing as 100% Security

A client recently told me that they could not replace a laptop they had installed in a public reception area as the key to the Kensington […]
August 8, 2008

Details of TJX Hacks Emerge

Thanks to Gary Warner more details of how criminals hacked into the TJX network have come to light.  It makes very interesting reading.
August 7, 2008

More Coverage of The TJX Cybercrime Ring Bust

I was interviewed this morning on the Loose Talk show on LMFM Radio to discuss the recent chargesagainst eleven individuals for hacking into TJX’s networks and […]