Cybersecurity & Data Protection Whitepapers

Remote & Flexible working

Remote and Flexible Working: securing your systems and protecting your data


BH Consulting has prepared this white paper to help businesses and public organisations
of all sizes to think about current gaps in their security when it comes to remote and
flexible work. Using the advice in this guide, they can put in place a plan that enables
efficient, productive work while minimising risks.

ISO 27001: making the case for reaching the standard


This white paper provides an overview of the business benefits of the ISO 27001 standard, and how
it can help organisations of all sizes to address their ongoing information security needs.

Incident Response

Incident Response: best practice guide


This white paper contains advice to help to guide organisations of all sizes to build strong incident response capacity for whatever risks may occur.

Email security: managing the business risks


There are many risks associated with email: just as it can
distribute legitimate business communications, it can also send non-business related
material such as malicious software, copyrighted material, spam, or content of an
illegal, immoral or racist nature. It is also a very effective attack vector for criminals and

That is why it is essential to protect email: to avoid disrupting normal business
operations and minimise any potential impact to your company’s bottom line. This white
paper is in two parts: the first gives an overview of the key risks to email and the second
provides guidance on how to protect against them.


Ransomware: your money or your bytes


We created this white paper to help companies and public agencies of all sizes to
recognise signs of a possible ransomware infection, and take measures to take to
prevent it from spreading and causing damage.

This document details several recommendations to help you in reducing the likelihood
of future infection by ransomware, or indeed any other computer viruses or malware.
By following the steps in this paper, we hope companies will avoid having to face the
possibility of paying to get their data back. BH Consulting strongly advises never to pay
the ransom.

We first published this document in 2017 and we have updated it now to reflect
changes in the techniques that criminals use, and the additional risk posed by working
from home, as many people have had to do during the COVID-19 pandemic.