The Challenge

Insufficient cybersecurity controls across a network can allow unauthorised access, corruption of data, loss of service, intellectual property loss and facilitate human error.

Good network security combines multiple layers of defences at the perimeter and within the network. It needs to create a secure infrastructure for devices, applications, and people.

The Service

BH Consulting provide a Network Security Assessment which is a high level technical assessment of all critical systems and devices on a corporate network.

It involves a mix of interviews, configuration reviews and deployment of security tools to test cyber security controls and vulnerabilities across the following areas:

  • Ransomware defences

  • How users’ digital identities are managed, and the privileges associated with each identity

  • Network and endpoint security; including controls around web browsing, Anti-virus & malware filtering controls, vulnerability management, system hardening, patching policies and practices

  • High-level review of detection, response and recovery related cyber security controls, including current security monitoring resources

  • Network breach assessment and network segmentation assessment

The Benefits

  • Access to unbiased, vendor neutral, cybersecurity expertise

  • Delivered by senior security consultants skilled at identifying critical assets to be included in the scope

  • Will identify risks, their impact and the likely occurrence

  • Will prioritise mitigation actions based on your size, risk and resources

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