The Challenge

Many companies struggle to demonstrate their compliance with Data Protection Regulations to their trading partners and customers.

Other than achieving ISO 27701 Certification, there is currently no other official means to verify adherence to data protection regulations such as GDPR. Companies undertaking an independent data protection audit, carried out by a specialist impartial provider such as BH Consulting, can give a level of assurance to customers, staff, and other 3rd parties that they are meeting their regulatory obligations and have implemented suitable controls, policies, and procedures to protect personal data.

The Service

A GDPR audit is a review and assessment of the adequacy of controls, policies, and procedures.

The aim of the audit is to determine if appropriate controls have been implemented to ensure compliance with the specific aspects of data protection legislation and regulations including:
  • Implementation of a data protection policy and supporting policy framework
  • Existence of data processing agreements with third parties
  • Existence of records of processing activities
  • Compliance with GDPR (and potentially other regulations)
  • Data protection governance and oversight function within

BH Consulting may adapt our audit process based on the requirements of the client and the drivers behind the need for the audit

This service can be carried out remotely.

Please Note: While BH Consulting work with clients in different jurisdictions and provide advice around different regulations, such as CCPA (California), PDPA (Singapore), LGPD (Brazil), or the POPI Act (South Africa), we are based in the EU and are specialists in GDPR. 

The Benefits

  • Gain understanding of where you currently are in relation to GDPR
  • Demonstrate your commitment to GDPR to your customers and the regulator
  • Obtain a clear road path to demonstrate alignment with GDPR
  • Reduce your overall costs and resources associated with GDPR compliance
  • Avail of subject matter expertise and practical recommendations of senior consultants
  • Focus on your core business while outsourcing your GDPR requirements

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