The Challenge

The Cloud helps organisations to efficiently store and manage data.

The Cloud also potentially opens up information systems to a new set of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Private, public and hybrid cloud architectures all present unique challenges in maintaining compliance with data protection regulations and protecting sensitive and critical data.

Misconfigurations, inappropriate user access levels and missing security tools all lead to vulnerabilities that could potentially give attackers access to networks.

Findings from a cloud security assessment can help protect business operations, personnel data and customer information that may be held in cloud environments.

The Service

Cloud security assessments also referred to as cloud risk assessments, are a review of security configurations within cloud infrastructure.

We review the Cloud environment to ensure security controls are configured in line with industry best practice and the client’s own requirements. Of the many different types and providers of cloud environments, the following are very popular and ones BH
Consulting are used to reviewing:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Once access to the platform is provided, BH Consulting review the security controls and settings of the environment for the services identified.

Among the areas for review are:

  • Access & identity management settings applied (including authentication and review of access control policy)
  • Configurations (for suitability)
  • Malware defences
  • Data protection, e.g. encryption, password policies and implementation (including account lockout policies)
  • Backup and recovery procedures and the approach to business continuity

Once the assessment is completed, we provide a detailed report outlining key issues identified and remedial recommendations to manage those issues.

This service can be carried out remotely.


The Benefits

  • Minimise and mitigate the risk of critical data being leaked from cloud environments
  • Gain full visibility of users and what they have access to in the cloud
  • Enhance security, ensuring users are valid and only have access to the resources and information they need, and for the minimum time required

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