The Challenge

Companies based outside of the European Union processing personal data by either offering goods or services to individuals in the EU, or by monitoring the behaviour of individuals in the EU, are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This applies in respect of both controllers and processors.

The organisations who fit the above description which do not have a physical base or office in the EU are required to appoint an authorised representative. Since leaving the European Union, UK organisations that also meet the above criteria need to appoint an EU representative.

According to Article 27 of the GDPR, the representative should be an entity established in the EEA and must be able to represent your company regarding your obligations under the EU GDPR. This includes maintaining a record of the organisation’s processing activities to provide when requested by a supervisory authority. For an organisation to perform that role effectively it needs to be able to offer specialised GDPR expertise.

Apart from being beneficial to organisations looking for expert advice, appointing an EU Representative can help organisations avoid conflict with the EU data protection supervisory authorities. Fines have been imposed by authorities on organisations for failing to appoint an authorised EU Representative.

The Service

BH Consulting offer an EU Representative service for client companies in line with the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) guidelines. Our Data Protection Consultants who act as EU Representatives are subject matter experts capable of acting as a point of contact to efficiently communicate with data subjects and cooperate with the supervisory authorities concerned.

The purpose of this service is to ensure the availability of a qualified representative so that data subjects and supervisory authorities will be able to establish contact easily with your organisation, as a non-EU controller or processor.

The BH Consulting EU Representative service is provided on a fixed annual contract with provision for GDPR advisory services as well as time to facilitate communication with data subjects and/or Supervisory Authorities.

The Benefits

  • Meets your regulatory requirements (Article 27 of the GDPR) if your company offers goods or services or monitors individuals within the EU.

  • Ensures that you have access to subject matter experts when dealing with supervisory authorities or data subjects.

  • BH Consulting’s Head Office is based in Ireland, which is within the European Union and therefore complies with GDPR requirements for the location of an EU Representative.

  • The first language of all of our Data Protection Consultants is English.

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