The Challenge

For every organisation, regardless of its size or industry sector, its ability to trade and operate normally are the top priority.

Data breach incidents and cyber attacks at best can provide a slight distraction, however at worst they can cease the operations of an organisation.

Implementing an effective and robust incident response plan is essential to lessen the impact of incidents when they occur. Also, since the GDPR was introduced, it has become necessary to:

  1. Inform the appropriate regulatory authorities of breaches to personal data within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach
  2. Prove to the regulatory authorities that you have done all you could to mitigate the risk

In light of regulatory changes and the increasing threat of incidents, it has never been more important to have durable incident response plans and procedures. An effective incident response plan will help protect against reputational damage, financial loss and regulatory fines.

The Service

Effective Incident response planning helps organisations to prepare, address, manage and recover from business interruptions caused by a data breach or a cyber-attack.

An incident response procedure typically includes instructions on detecting, responding to and minimising the effects of an incident.

The end goal of an effective incident response procedure is to help successfully manage breaches, reducing recovery times and costs thus limiting brand and financial damage to an organisation.

We help plan and implement tailored policies and procedures to ensure organisations are well prepared for a variety of incident types and react appropriately in the event of a data breach or systems compromise.

Our services include:

  • Developing a comprehensive and tailored incident response policy. We help ensure all regulatory, legal and contractual obligations for incident response and notifications are clearly defined and documented
  • Developing effective incident response procedures, including a response communications plan. We help prepare organisations to react competently in the event of an incident
  • Assessing and reviewing how effective the current response to incidents is. We perform desktop type exercises to run through incident response approaches and identify areas for improvement, through to conducting full blown simulations.

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Limit reputational and financial damage that may be caused by an incident
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations by effectively dealing with an incident
  • Limit damage to reputations of individuals, staff and senior management, who may be otherwise unprepared

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