The Challenge

The IT marketplace is crowded with Cybersecurity solutions to prevent or detect all manner of vulnerabilities and threats. Selecting solutions that appropriately match your organisation’s needs and then deciding between different vendor offerings can be a complex process without access to specialist security expertise.

Informed and unbiased cybersecurity knowledge is also important when assessing the security features already at your disposal within your existing IT estate, then identifying solutions that capably fill the gaps.

The Service

BH Consulting’s vendor neutral cybersecurity consulting team have the specialist knowledge required to interpret requirements for security products and solutions such as those for:

  • Security monitoring (including SIEM and SOC offerings)

  • Threat detection and threat intelligence

  • Vulnerability management

  • Firewalling

  • Data Loss Prevention

Working with internal procurement, we help evaluate different offerings against clients’ requirements. The stages of a full procurement support process may include:

  • Tender Preparation; identifying and specifying requirements for tender documents

  • Tender Response Management; assisting with the response to tender clarification questions and scoring vendor responses. We can also take part in tender presentations with clients, and the subsequent final evaluation of a winning vendor.

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Access to unbiased, vendor neutral, cybersecurity expertise

  • Avail of BH Consulting’s current experience of conducting tender engagements for a number of public and private sector clients

  • Delivered by senior security consultants skilled at identifying critical assets to be included in the scope to attract vendor solutions which are customised to clients’ needs, risk profile and budget

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