The Challenge

Red teaming services benefit any organisation storing highly sensitive information and wanting to test the effectiveness of their security defences against very targeted attacks. 

This may include high profile public or private sector organisations processing financial data, medical records, or other special category personal data. This type of testing would also be useful for companies who hold highly valuable intellectual property that they need to protect.

The Service

Red teaming involves a group of cybersecurity consultants performing a multi-faceted, ethical attack on an organisation’s digital infrastructure, in order to assess the effectiveness of current defences.

Since cyber criminals do not play by any rules and use any means necessary to steal or compromise sensitive data, red teaming exercises are a step above a penetration test. It involves simulating real life attacks by replicating Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of a real-life adversary.

We will hold an initial kick-off meeting to discuss client objectives and agree on the criteria and main targets for the red teaming engagement.

Our highly qualified team of ethical hackers then run a series of varied tests, to attempt to infiltrate the organisation and compromise systems. At the end of this engagement, we provide a report listing vulnerabilities ranked by criticality and severity, together with our expert advice and recommendations. Additionally, we hold a review workshop with relevant security staff, where lessons learnt, and experiences are shared.

We look for vulnerabilities and look to exploit them across the following areas:

Technology: digital infrastructure, corporate and mobile applications, routers, switches and a variety of endpoints

People: employees, independent contractors, high-risk departments, and business partners

Physical: office, warehouse, substations, data centres and associated buildings

Red Teaming activities may include the following;

  • An external attack using email spear phishing techniques using social engineering techniques
  • A traditional external penetration attack against agreed targets
  • A social media profiling of key personnel, to gather enough data to further target these individuals with social engineering attacks

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Align with industry regulations and security standards
  • Identify potential information security areas that may be currently overlooked
  • Test effectiveness of incident response plan
  • Identify and measure the risk and susceptibility of an attack against key information assets
  • Assess your company’s ability to detect, respond and prevent TTP threats

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