A friend emailed me a link to the video below.  It is a very amusing advert for a gents shaving product highlighting how babies can monopolise their mother’s affections, to the cost of the father.
Of course being in information security I could not help look at the video from the infosec viewpoint and it made me think how companies can often be like the father in the video. 

  • Just like the father who thought he was the centre of his partner’s world, companies often become lax in their security thinking everything is fine and that “it won’t happen to them”.  
  • Often the event that “won’t happen to them” materialises from a trusted insider.
  • It can take time to respond effectively to an incident.
  • Sometimes to deal with the threat you are facing you have to look for new and innovative means.  Often the solution may also be something simple.
  • You cannot become complacent as the threat may materialise again and this time it may be different, stronger or more effective.