SC Magazine UK recently published an article I wrote on “Implementing ISO 27001 in the Real World” on their blog today.   The article is an interview with three people who have experience in implementing and achieving certification against the ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Standard in organisations.  The people who kindly agreed to be interviewed were;

  • Peregrine Newton, the joint chairman and CEO for The Bunker, which provides secure, managed hosted and data centre solutions to its clients.
  • Han Van Thoor, managing director of Jumper CSIRT who provide clients with managed information security incident response services.
  • Michael Brophy, managing director of Certification Europe who provide assessment and certification services against international management system standards.

 The article, which can be found here, provides some great insight from people who have been through the process of implementing and certifying their Information Security Management Systems against the ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Standard.  If you are considering implementing ISO 27001 you should read the post and get some insight from their experiences.

Of course you should also purchase my book “Implementing ISO 27001 in A Windows Environment” to get even more useful information on how best to leverage the security features of Microsoft Windows to implement the technical controls outlined in the standard.