Economic Espionage – The Reality

There is a lot of rhetoric in the media lately about cyber warfare and cybercrime. While a lot of this coverage is hyperbole and is often backed by vendors trying to promote their products, there is a reality that we should acknowledge. Espionage has been going on ever since man organised himself into tribes. In the modern age it is a simple natural progression that espionage takes advantage of computers, the Internet and the systems that we use.  There are two videos that I came across lately which highlight how many espionage attacks happen.  Note that in both attacks there are no fancy super secret elite type of attacks.

Each attack starts with a simple data gathering of key employees and using that information to gain access to the confidential data.  There is no one weakness exploited in any of these attacks, rather a series of weaknesses.

Don’t Be A Victim – Targeted Attack Reality
From TrendMicro

Economic Espionage – Piece of Cake
From the UK’s CPNI


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