Yet again I had the pleasure to work with Cindy Valladares and her team from Tripwire on developing a whitepaper to help people improve their security.  This time the paper is on incident response and focuses on how we can better detect incidents.  In particular, the paper focuses on ways to detect incidents as early as possible.  By detecting incidents early we can react quicker and reduce the impact it could potentially have on the organisation.

The whitepaper 10 Steps for Early Incident Detection is available from Tripwire.

As well as the whitepaper we will be hosting a number of webinars to discuss the 10 steps.  The first webinar is scheduled for 10 am (PT) on May 2nd.  The second webinar is on May 22nd at 14:00 (BST)

Finally, Cindy and Tripwire got the ever entertaining Javvad Malik to put together this video on incident response.

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