Eleven people have been charged in connection with a major hacking ring that allegedly compromised over 40 million credit card records at TJX Corporation, which also runs the TK Maxx stores here in Ireland.  Three Americans are amongst those arrested with two other individuals held in Turkey and Germany.  The remaining six people are still at large, two are from the People’s Republic of China, two from the Ukraine, one from Belarus and one other whose true identity is not known.

The above demonstrates the international nature of cyber crime with people involved from around the globe.   This makes the fight against online criminals even more difficult as law enforcement have to deal with inter-jurisdictional issues.  Given this we should congratulate the various law enforcement agencies who made this possible.

I was interviewed today regarding the above by The SiliconRepublic.Com and also on today’s luchtime news on RTE Radio 1.

I blogged about the original TJX breach when it first broke back in January 2007.  There is excellent overage of the recent details on the CyberCrime & Doing Time Blog.

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