The Service

A security maturity assessment is a high-level gap analysis of all security controls implemented across your organisation. In addition to considering your important information assets, it takes in to account your size and resources, to provide you with a balanced set of recommendations. At BH Consulting we assess the three main components of information security; Processes, People and Technology.

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Measure the current status of your information security

  • Identify the risks you face, their impact and how likely these are to occur

  • Highlight areas for improvement

  • Prioritise mitigation actions based on your size, risk and resources

  • Take a cost-effective approach to selecting your security strategy, policies and controls

  • Ensure internal and external stakeholders of your commitment to information security

The Challenge

Suffering an attack can inflict brand damage, financial loss and/or regulatory fines. It is not effective enough to invest in hardware and software solutions alone. Lessening the likelihood of a successful attack on your organisation, or the chance of an accidental breach, requires a comprehensive security maturity assessment to focus on all three components, People, Process & Technology.

Due to the increase in targeted attacks and regulatory requirements to protect sensitive data, a security maturity assessment is suitable of all organisations, regardless of size and industry.

Our Process

A security maturity assessment requires a good understanding of your business and the important drivers for you and your organisation. Our process benchmarks the status of your information security against information security standards and best practices such as the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

At BH Consulting, we focus on people, processes and technology to provide you with a more holistic view of your current information security status and risk profile. We will identify any gaps that could potentially put your organisation and your data at risk. Additionally, we will evaluate and prioritise these risks based on the likelihood of the attack and the impact to your organisation.

Our specialist team will provide you with a report and will discuss each of the key areas to ensure the impact of our findings are fully understood . We will also prioritise risk mitigation measures and actions tailored to your organisation’s size, resources and risk appetite.

During this engagement we will have an in-depth workshop with you to better understand your organisation and assess the current status of your information security to identify the following:

  • Your main Information assets

  • The threats to those assets

  • The effectiveness of your current security strategy and employed controls

  • Any gaps that may exist exposing you to potential threats

Our security maturity assessment will help you make more informed choices about choosing the right security controls by determining the following:

  • What is your critical information and where is it held?

  • What controls are currently in place to protect this information?

  • Visibility of the risks specific to your organisation

  • Practical and prioritised recommendations to mitigate risks

  • A clear road map to drive information security strategy, policies and project plan

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