The Service

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), also commonly referred to as a privacy impact assessment, is used to identify and mitigate or minimise any risks arising from a new data processing activity, system or technology. Such risks can affect your organisation as well as the individuals involved.

Under GDPR, conducting a DPIA is a mandatory pre-requisite where processing personal data is likely to result in high risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals involved.

This service can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Reduce unnecessary data processing activities and storage

  • Minimise the risk of data breaches and in turn damage to your organisation’s reputation

  • Prevent unlawful processing

  • Implement privacy by design and by default

  • Build trust with your customers and internal stakeholders

  • Demonstrate your commitment to data protection to the regulator

  • Implement a risk based approach

The Challenge

GDPR does not specify which data protection impact assessment process should be followed. Instead it allows you to introduce a framework aligned with your business working processes. Like many organisations, you may not have the necessary expertise internally or the resources to fund the recruitment or training required to design and develop a DPIA process.

Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective alternative solution to hiring internally or want the expertise of an experienced consultant, we can help you fill this gap.

Our Process

At BH Consulting we conduct data protection impact assessment workshops, to assess the risks associated with a new or existing data processing activity, system or technology. Additionally, we provide you with subsequent recommendations on the appropriate controls to mitigate or minimise those risks.

We will work with your organisation on developing an action plan to manage the implementation of the given recommendations. Our experienced consultants will also help you establish and document the tailored DPIA process for your organisation to use internally going forward.

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