For those of us working in the field of information security the job can sometimes be very negative in its outlook. We are viewed as people who stop things.  We stop the hackers, we stop the viruses, we stop people having fun by blocking their favourite Internet sites and we sometimes get to stop projects that may not be secure enough. 

It can sometimes be disheartening to then read the news articles as to the latest threats, online criminal techniques or data breaches.  So it was today as I trawled through my news and RSS feeds until I saw that the Romanian Police and the FBI have arrested over 20 people suspected of being heavily involved in cybercrime.  The good thing about the story is the cooperation demonstrated between the police forces to bring these criminals to justice.  For too long criminals have been working on the assumption that international borders will protect them.  So it is good to see police forces working together to stop these people.

Now many of us when we picture hackers probably think of the stereotypical acne ridden, greasy haired geeky looking teenager.  Well thanks to the blog of Gary Warner, director of research in computer forensics at the University of Alabama, we get to see this footage of these criminals being arrested.  (note the video is in Romanian but worth the wait at the end to see these guys being hauled away).

Nice to put a face to the type of people we battle against each day.

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