The Internet Storm Center has highlighted a 0-Day vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player.  Adobe’s Product Security Incident Response Team is investigatingthe issue.  It is reported that versions affected are the current version and earlier.  Symantec have raised their Threatcon to Level 2.

Attackers are apparently injecting redirections into legitimate sites to send users to hostile sites that host malicious flash files hosting the exploit.  If these redirects were to happen on a high traffic website the potential impact from this problem will be quite high.

If you are concerned about this attack vector, you should explain the risks to your senior management and see if they want to block the downloads of Flash files at your perimeter using your firewall or web proxy.  You should also ensure that all your systems are updated with latest anti-virus signatures and keep a close eye on Adobe to see if and when they release a patch.

UPDATE 28/05/08 – covers this story and refers to this Blog and includes additional comments from me about the issue.

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