It appears that this week is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week.  This is the fourth year for the initiative in the UK and the first year for it running in Ireland.  In the UK it is supported by organisations such as CIFAS, The Association of Chief Police Officers, The Metropolitan Police, The Royal Mail and The Serious Organised Crime Agency while here it appears to be solely supported by Fellowes.

There are some very good tips on how to ensure you do not become the victim of identity theft on the National Identity Fraud Prevention Week website and it would be well worth your while to visit it

It is a pity though that awareness initiatives like this don’t engage more with the information security profession and use their expertise to help promote the event.  Groups like ISSA Ireland, the IISF, ISACA Ireland and the ICS have many experts who could help raise awareness.

Global Security Week could also help better promote such events and indeed the theme for Global Security Week in 2006 was identity theft.  Feel free to look at our presentation for that event on Corporate ID Theft.

Thanks to TJ McIntyre for bringing the Irish part of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week to our attention.

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