Last Friday’s edition of the Irish Times contains an article on the recent loss by the UK’s Revenue and Customers service of the personal details of 25 million people.  The details belong to all families in the UK with children under 16 years of age and in receipt of child welfare benefit. 

The information, which was contained on two CDs and subsequently lost in the HMRC’s internal post, includes the names, addresses, national insurance number and where applicable bank account details of those affected.  Apart from the obvious concerns regarding identity fraud if the information should fall into the wrong hands, this information includes details on those children that are most vulnerable or at risk and would also be useful to those that prey on young children.

John Collins from the Irish Times interviewed me for this article and asked for my thoughts on what the HMRC could have done better to prevent this from happening.

I am working on a more detailed post on this topic that I will upload over the coming days.


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