It appears that a security breach at Deutche Telekom in 2006 exposed personal details of over 17 million customers of its mobile phone division, T-Mobile.  The company claims that no credit card or financial details were exposed but that information such as email addresses as well as mobile numbers and addresses was exposed.

The company claims that they found no evidence of the data being used or traded on the Internet or any data exchanges.  Well I am sure that will make those affected sleep better at night.  However, German newspapers are claiming that the data is already in the hands of criminals.  In particular the data belonging to some celebrities, politicians and well known business people.

This issue does beg the question who decides when individuals should be notified that their data has been exposed?  The company who suffers the breach or an independent third party?  I guess if you have read this Blog for any period of time you know where I stand on this.

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