The Thursday the 29th of May edition of the Irish Independent had an interesting article in its Digital Ireland supplement discussing whether or not Ireland should have mandatory data disclosure laws similar to those in the United States.  I am quoted in the article in support of the introduction of such legislation while Owen O’Connor and Paul C Dwyer highlight some reasons why they feel we do not need it. 

The Irish Times on Friday the 30th of May includes an article where the Data Protection Commissioner, Billy Hawkes, acknowledges that Ireland is likely to see data disclosure legislation being introduced. 

In its 2007 Annual Report the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) also calls for data disclosure laws to be introduced.

A recent poll at the 2008 Infosec show also shows that over 70% of IT Managers surveyed believe UK companies should be required to disclose security breaches exposing personal information.

I will post at a later date outlining the reasons I believe we should have such laws introduced and countering some of the points that Owen and Paul make.  In the meantime I would be interested in hearing your opinion as to why you think data disclosure laws should or should not be introduced.

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