Enterprise Ireland run a series of podcasts aimed at SMEs to help them better understand some of the issues they face with regards to deploying and managing technology.  Brian Honan was invited to take part in the latest podcast to discuss IT security and how it can be addressed by SMEs.  SMEs face the same security challenges that larger organisations face but often with fewer or indeed no resources inhouse.  The other speaker invited to attend is Mike Harris, Director in Ernst & Young’s Risk Advisory Services practice.

In this podcast Brian and Mike discuss some of the key challenges facing SMEs and provide pointers on how to address those challenges.  Issues discusses include;

Spam Issues
In-House IT & Outsourcing
Instant Messaging
Viruses, Zombies and protecting SMEs
Customer Data
Setting policies & the Data Protection Act
What should SMEs Address?

The podcast is available at Enterprise Ireland’s OpenUP website

Don’t forget the “Computer Security Assurance Checklist” which is designed for managers as a checklist to determine if their IT Security is being addressed and is available from the BH Consulting website.

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