First Review of My Book

I recently became aware of the first review of my book, “Implementing ISO 27001 in a Windows Environment“. The review, by J Oquendo, is available on the IT Governance website.

I must admit that I have been nervously waiting the reviews. After spending many long days, and indeed long nights, writing the book and going through the editing process, you wait in expectation hoping that your work will be appreciated by others. 

I am happy to say my apprehension was misplaced as J Oquendo provides some excellent feedback and observations, which I will take onboard should the demand be there for another edition.   If you are wondering should you purchase the book you should note that “Overall the book accomplished exactly what the title eludes to and is a definite must have book for anyone from an Information Security Manager, to a Windows system administrator or infrastructure architect” and “I’ll definitely have this book on call in my information library.”

If you have purchased the book, thank you, and if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.

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