Ok, maybe not all of you will need to do that, but anyone who ever uses their smartphone to view adult movies may be wise to do so.

According to security firm Zscaler, some viewers of graphic entertainment may have not been as lonesome as they thought at the time.

That’s because an Android app – Adult Player – which helpfully offered to connect viewers with the content of their desire was actually viewing them too!

Now, what can the owner of an app spying on someone doing who knows what in front of a porn clip do with the content they record?

Hmmm… yep, you got it – blackmail.

Not an email threatening to show off their solo exercising though, even though I suspect that could be quite an effective motivation to hand over a pile of cash, but instead ransomware.

Locking up the user’s device, the ransomware demands a whopping $500 (about £300) to hand the device back to their control.

Ouch. Frustration of a different kind.

Or fear – the ransom message actually suggests that it may have come from the FBI and even includes a case number.

Being a bit pesky, the message will not go away when the victim reboots the phone (or tablet, it could be one of those too), reappearing every time the device is switched on.

To mitigate the risk, Zscaler says users should:

  1. Boot device into safe mode (Please note that entering “safe mode” varies depending on your device). Safe mode boots the device with default settings without running third party apps.
  2. Uninstalling ransomware from device requires you to first remove administrator privilege. To do the same, go to Settings –> Security –> Device Administrator and select ransomware app, then deactivate.
  3. Once this is done, you can go to Settings –> Apps –> Uninstall ransomware app.

The company also sensibly says users should only download apps from official app stores (in this case, Google Play) and recommends heading to the “Security” settings within their device and unchecking the “Unknown Sources” option.

Sound advice indeed but I would add one more thing that may be a bit on the controversial side, at least among those of you with a more libertarian approach to life: don’t watch porn on your phone!

But, if you really must, do it the old-fashioned way, not through a third party app.

But do keep in mind that adult websites are inherently risky places to visit – Blue Coat systems recently rated such as the top cyber risk taken by workers.

Yes, that’s right, your employees may be taking a quick peek when they should be working. How are you dealing with that threat?

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