When it comes to running a business these days there are many things that you have to make sure that you get right. It does not matter if the business is big or small, there are just certain things that you have to make sure you get right or else you will not be in business for very long. The first is that you must have a product or service that people are willing to pay for. If you do not offer something that holds people’s attention then you will not be in business for very long. You need something that is going to wow them and keep them coming back for more. The other thing that you need to make sure of to keep your business on track is that the financial side is handled correctly. This means that you have to make sure your employees are paid on time as well as the other expenses that accrue through the operation of your business.

But in the modern era there is a third element that has to be added to the list when you are talking about running a successful business.

And that is security.

This means you have to worry not only about physical security but also information security as well. In the past, depending on what kind of business you were in, the physical part of security might have been of paramount importance. Now, in this day and age, that is not the case and it is the information portion of security that can really bankrupt your business if it is not done right.

If you watch the news you might think that, since we are talking about cyber security, you should only worry about the people who are online. You are aware, I’m sure, that there are people who will try to sneak into your system and take your data over the lines. I’m also sure that you don’t need me to explain the potential cost implications of such a breach either.

And, while it is important to secure your network against these types of people, it is not the only thing that you should be concerned about.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to cyber break ins of a business, most of the time it is done by someone who already works there. Just as they are getting ready to quit or be fired they will take the information that they know and use it to be able to get onto the systems at their job. After that they may commence to either mess around with financial data or they will steal some of the important information that is on the system. Either action could prove to be very harmful to your company if the person is able to get away with it. That is why you need to make sure that you are protected from actions such as this.

If you are going to fire someone at your office, or an employee is simply set to leave, then you should be sure that your cyber security team really takes it up a notch to make sure your system is secure. And they should also make sure that the person’s ability to get into the system is cut off right away. You should also make sure that your security teams keep close watch of the attempted penetration attacks that happen that week. You are always going to be scanned for attacks but you should make sure you are not getting a local IP in that scan.

Overall you should be very careful when it comes to your soon-to-be-ex-employees and cyber security – you never know who is willing to hurt you.

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