The Digital Ireland Supplement of Thursday’s Irish Independent ran an article on the increasing risk of identify theft posed by the way people use, or rather misuse, their privacy when online.  SiliconRepublic.Com have published the article online

I am quoted in the piece highlighting that most identity theft is committed by someone close to the victim, i.e. a relative or friend.  However, with the explosion of online social networking sites, people willingly given away lots of personal details to organisations and how we dispose of our data. 

It is an interesting read and well done to Marie Boran and John Kennedy.  They link to a very humorous BBC video on the subject of identity theft. 

The video is excellent but does provide an interesting discussion point.  Is identity theft the fault of the consumer or the bank?  Who at the end of the day should pay for someone who is not you getting their hands on your money?

With regards to privacy on online social networks, Famous Pete Wood Security (hi Pete !!) steered me to this interesting insight into your privacy on Facebook.

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