documentationWith the advent of the Irish summer we will no doubt be sheltering from the beating rain.  So while we wait for the sun to occasionally break out there are two interesting reports released over the past few months that make interesting reading.

The first is the annual report from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner for 2008.  As per usual the report makes highlights the areas that many companies overlook when handling personal data of clients or staff. 

The second is Verizon’s Breach Report for 2009.  This report is compiled from actual breaches experienced by clients of Verizon.  It is very worthwhile reading the report to learn from the mistakes of others.  Some of the key lessons are;

  • 74% of data breaches in the report resulted from external sources
  • 20% of data breaches were caused by insiders
  • 32% of data breaches implicated business partners
  • 67% of data breaches were due to significant errors on behalf of the victim organisation, e.g. missing patches.
  • 64% of data breaches resulted from hacking while 38% utilised malware.

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