ISO 27001 As a Tool for Compliance

Knowlege Ireland recently published an article I wrote discussing how the ISO 27001 standard can be used as a foundation to help companies ensure they meet their compliance requirements, be that SOX, Basel II, PCI or the Data Protection Act.  The premise that I put forward is that having a certified Information Security Management System in place provides you with a strong basis which you can use to meet your compliance requirements. 

UPDATE : The article is available for download from our Whitepapers page.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter and whether or not you agree with my observations.


  1. David ROBERT says:


    I’m interested in this article, where can I get it ?

    Many thanks,

  2. Brian Honan says:

    Hi David

    Thanks for dropping by. I have updated the post with a link to the article which is now on our website. You may also find the post “Why use ISO 27001?” an interesting read.

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