I was pleasantly chuffed to find out at Infosecearlier this year that my book “ISO 27001 In a Windows Environment” came runner up in the IT Governance Book of The Year Award. The awards were based on a combination of the number of copies sold and the votes received in an online poll. Thank you to everyone who has bought the book and to those of you who voted for it.

If you are planning to roll implement ISO 27001 in your organisation I think you will find the book of interest. The purpose of the book is to provide you with insight into how you can implement many of the controls outlined in the standard by using many of the inbuilt features of Windows and other Microsoft tool. Given that many organisations have a substantial Windows footprint this could result in your being able to implement ISO 27001 in a cost effective way.

Here is a picture of me receiving my award from Alan Calder of IT Governance;