Last week the RSA Europe Conference was held in London and the main themes that I picked up from the various talks I attended and from other delegates were;

  • The Security Issues Caused by Social Networks
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Warfare

I was at the conference to give my “Knowing Me, Knowing You” presentation on how I stole Marie Boran’s identity by just using public information found on the Internet, either posted by Marie or by her online contacts.  The talk was very well received and thanks to everyone who provided me with feedback after the talk.   Indeed, a number of media outlets picked up on what I had to say;

I often buy a book when travelling so I can read on the plane or relax in my hotel room.  Ironically, the one I picked up in Dublin airport on my way to the conference is “The Broken Window” by Jeffery Deaver, in which the hero hunts down a murderer who uses online information and ID theft to target his victims.  to build a profile of his victims.  Interesting to see how some of the tactics I used are mirrored in the book.

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