cybercrime.JPGThis week sees the launch of Ireland’s third national security awareness campaign, makeITsecure.  The makeITsecure website has been revamped with updated content to help people understand the threats they face and provides hints and tips on how to keep themselves secure online. 

For the first time this year’s campaign is also an all-Ireland event with activities happening on both sides of the border with the culmination of events leading to the national security day on February 15th.

The main focus for this year’s event are;

I would urge you to encourage friends and family to visit the makeITsecure website so that they can be made aware of how to surf safely.  While you are at it why not make an announcement to your work colleagues to make them aware of this year’s campaign.  If we can get people to behave more safely when browsing the Internet at home and be more aware of identity theft, then those good practises should carry over into the workplace to make your job that bit easier.  This could also be an opportunity for you to organise some security awareness events within your company to help promote better security awareness and to benefit from the publicity the makeITsecure campaign will generate.

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