A client recently told me that they could not replace a laptop they had installed in a public reception area as the key to the Kensington lock used to secure the laptop was lost. 

I showed them the following two videos to demonstrate that these locks could be bypassed.


It was interesting to note the reaction the above videos caused as the client believed the laptop to be secure and bar cutting the cable with a wire-cutters the computer would remain there indefinitely. 

So let this be a tale to remind you of a number of things

  1. Remember there is no such thing as 100% security.  At some time someone will find a way to bypass a particular defense, often in ways you never thought of.
  2. Relying on one layer of defense ss dangerous in the event that defensive layer is bypassed.
  3. Do not fall into a false sense of security simply because you cannot think of a way to bypass a security measure.

That is why I always recommend a layered approach to security to include technology, people and process.

About the Author: bhimport

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