The freedom and ease of use of wireless networks is making them more and more popular both for personal and business use.  However, as with all technologies it is important to ensure that they are deployed correctly and securely. 

At many of the seminars or presentations I give on seurity I am often asked how best to secure wireless networks.  As with all security issues the answer depends on how critical or sensitive the systems you wish to protect are.  However if you are looking for guidance on how to secure your wireless network or those of friends, business colleagues, then the following may prove useful;

An online tutorial from GetNetWise on how to secure your wireless network with video tutorials as to how to configure wireless routers from Linksys, Netgear and Apple.

Also another useful online tutorial from the Washington Post newspaper with a series of video guides on how to secure and protect your PC.

The following white paper gives a good overview of an “Anatomy of a Hack”.  The paper is meant to accompany a very interesting video demonstrating how a hacker can quickly exploit a vulnerability on a machine that is not properly protected but it is no longer available on the vendor’s site.

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